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Why advertise with generation ñ?


About generation ñ.com
Generation ñ was born in the 1990s as a magazine that entertained 2nd generation Hispanic Americans. A decade later, generation ñ.com was born. Unlike aggregators, mash-ups, and user-generated video sites, generation ñ.com is an actual TV network for the web, creating and producing most of its own original shows.

The company was founded in 2007 by Hispanic Marketing veterans Bill Teck, Rene Granado and Rafael Iglesias because they were bored with traditional Hispanic television.

The content is designed for a bi-lingual and bi-cultural Hispanics: passionate committed fans who want to watch shows that entertain and educate in their language and culture. The audience expects professionally produced programming but wants it to be unexpected, edgy, smart and real. Generation ñ.com covers comedy, modern culture, music and more.

Our hosts don't come from traditional Hispanic media. Instead, they come from the same passionate fan base as our audience. They are engaging, personal, smart and connected - with the insight and acceptance that naturally puts them at the center of the community.

Generation ñ.com plans to attract advertisers that enjoy a unique bond with the audience via customized message integration and host mentions that deliver phenomenal results. Our clutter-free environment is perfect for everything from direct response to branding.

Generation ñ.com fans are 25-45 Hispanic bi-lingual and bi-cultural adults that embrace life, modern culture and are looking for relevant content that meets their needs.

Our shows fall into three general categories: Comedy, Modern Latino Culture and Music. Our culture shows review, explore and comment on everything from cool places, movies, community events and Latino life in the United States. Finally, our music shows take you behind the scenes with the latest Latino artist and exploring emerging artists. Our shows typically run between five (5) and 30 minutes in length. New shows/episodes debut every week.

How it Works
The power of our unique sponsorship model applies to a wide range of marketing efforts, from customer acquisition to driving awareness and sales. These are just a few of the many ways a product could be advertised.

• Segment sponsorships
• Billboards
• Product Integration
• Host or show characters mentions
• Pre, mid and post roll

How to Advertise
Generation ñ.com is dedicated to creating an effective communications bridge between our sponsors and our audience. We will do this by integrating all ad messages into the content of a show. This method creates highly customized messages that are never skipped over. Additionally we limit the number of advertisers per episode to 3 guaranteeing a clutter free, advertiser friendly environment. Generation ñ.com's integrated sponsorship format makes ads memorable, and the viewers respond.

Who Should Advertise
Any brand interested in reaching trend setting bi-lingual and bi-cultural U.S. Hispanics should consider generation ñ.com. Technology brands, beverages, beer, automotive, entertainment, quick service restaurants and retail are all great categories we can help reach this valuable, elusive target.

Want to achieve these types of results for your company, in a cost-effective and clutter-free environment that's custom tailored to your message? Email us at sales@generation-n.com and one of our sales executives will contact you.

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