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Movie Synopsis  
About the filmmakers

Alabao films is a miami based company that was created to make the film 'el florida', featured here in it's re-edited form as Cuba On My Back. Founded by Gus Gil and Bill Teck to create and distribute this film about Cuba, The USA and the 90 miles in between, Alabao kind of means ' oy vey'.


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Generation ñ founder Bill Teck's directorial debut, Cuba On My Back premiered as 'el florida' in Miami's Historic Tower theatre in Little Havana to great praise and strong box office in a limited run in the year 2000. El Nuevo Herald's Charles Cotayo compared it to Godard and described the film as being "In the style of the French New Wave, with a Cuban twist", while the Miami Herald's Rene Rodriguez noted it's "Striking Artistry" and mentioned leads Alex Abascal's "Sharp sense of comic timing", Ivette Sotomayor's "inviting charisma", and Ivan Ramirez's "Levening his character with dignity and humanity". While the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinal's John Tanyschuck noted it was "A fine tribute to director Bill Teck's hyphenated heritage".

'el florida' was presented by acclaimed writer Zoe Valdes in Paris where it promoted dialog and controversey. It premieres on generation ñ for the first time in it's re-edited version as Cuba On My Back, a new version of the Miami underground classic.

The new version adds music by Pitbull, Ralo Malo and Bill Cruz and in an interesting re-working of an already compelling film. It's the story of two cousins separated by an ocean. 90 miles away but world's apart. COMB weaves a tale of cheating lovers, the Balsero crisis, and the trials of wayward Cuban American Princess amidst a family lost in a tangle of memory, loss and compulsion.

Cuba On My Back was executive produced by Gus Gil. Will Vazquez of Rocketfuel Films and Carlos Bello are the producers. Vazquez who also served as Director of Photography, recently directed the feature film Quick Pick.

Starring: Alex abascal, Ivette sotomayor, Luis garcia, Ivan ramirez, Salvador blando, Susie diaz with Nerri torres, Tanya bravo, Henry grant

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