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ñ Indies

ñ Indies Launches Soon!

In the meantime enjoy previews and/or selected scenes from our first round of features. For some we threw on a preview - for some just a few randomly selected scenes. Tell us what works or ask us questions by clicking here.

First up we're working with KIE films out of Miami, producers of the new Celia Cruz documentary - Celia The Queen (authorized by her estate and family with the filmmakers picked by La Reina herself) - 'cause we have a long standing relashionship with them, and it's nice to start out in our own backyard.

Generation ñ partners with independent producers to create distribution channels for their work, first for download, later through DVD. By creating unique boutiques that relate to the fractured interests of the very diverse Latino market, ñ hopes to monetize the Latino market for independent films in a way that's never been done. By matching content to specific markets that are under served by traditional media.

Matching product to demographic, through ñ indies, producers can finally reach their market.

Water Mud & Factories Water Mud & Factories Poster
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Water Mud and Factories is a story of fractured families and lovable losers set against the backdrop of one girl’s Quince (sweet 15 birthday party) in Hialeah, Florida, (the “New Jersey” of FL) known for it’s titular ‘Water, Mud & Factories’.

KIE Films

Cuba On My Back

Cuba On My Back Poster
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Cuba On My Back is a tale two cousins divided by an ocean of politics and strife. In Miami & Cuba. Comedy & tragedy intermingle, plus a lot of good music, belly laughs and tears. "Recalls Godard", says El Nuevo Herald.

Alabao Films


Bro Poster
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With Bro's awards from Flickapalooza and kudos from the Village Voice, this homo-erotic comedy of manners, (or lack thereof) makes a case for the seedy underbelly of miami and the wild side of friendship. It's Entourage meets Almodovar.

KIE Films

Honey Girl

Honey Girl Movie Poster
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This lauded documentary about Puerto Rican boxer Melissa Salomone lands all the right shots, while treating it's subject with dignity and respect.

KIE Films

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