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Starring series creator and star Ruth Livier, Talk show host Ylse navigates life as a Latin woman in the male dominated entertainment news industry in this quirky comedy.

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Novela is a web sitcom about life behind the scenes at a fly-by-night telenovela. Follow Americanized producer Jack, Latin lover/Leading Man Juan, frustrated writer Carlos, and Coming apart at the scenes cameraman Tomas as they roll through the perils of lowbudget TV.

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Planet Rosemary

Cuban-American princess turned astrologer Rosemary Canals brings you the web's dirtiest, funniest astrology forecast. It's funny, but the forecast is real and right on. You'll be amazed how accurate it is, but you also won't believe your ears at the outlandish things she says!

¿Que Pasa U.S.A.?
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¿Que Pasa, U.S.A.?

The classic sitcom about a Cuban American family finally makes it to the web with generation ñ. It all starts right here. And you'd be hard pressed to find something more funny, more touching, more true. This kicks off our Miami wing and as Pepe Peña said when the news crew came to the Peña household to film el exilio, "Show the velvet, the velvet crush!"


Scenes From the Sky:
The Bubble

A webseries set against the backdrop of the South Florida real estate bubble, this “Traffic-Style” multi character show tells it’s story in a Godard meets Tarantino style.


ñ Life

Melissa Hernandez hosts our look at what's out there to do, see and be a part of. From sneaker launches to street fairs, from Dolphins tailgating to the Sony Erickson, ñ life does it all!


Weekly ñ

A blast of pop culture that airs, oh, say once a week? Sorta like Entertainment Tonight. If Entertainment tonight was obsessed with Los Brothers Hernandez, Johnny Pacheco and Juan Esquive.

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Arte Palabra

Arte Palabra is our new show about arts and letters. It covers the fine arts, and good writers.

45 RPM
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45 RPM

Our music show - the first season highlights everyone from Pitbull to Suenalo Sound System - we're delivering a music show unlike everything else on the web. National acts are featured right next to local heros. Performances, interviews and fan reaction. It's our little mix tape. Just for you.


ñ Sports

ñ Sports is the Wide World of Deportes viewed through the ñ tube. Join host Rafael Iglesias over the next year as he takes on jiujitsu, soccer, and just about anything else you can think of -- he even catches a few pucks on the hockey ice.


Island Hoppers

Amigo of ñ Robert Lyon took Lance-O and Lexi on a tour of some of the most gorgeous islands around; Eluthra, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, DR, etc... we liked this outsider take on our islands - and we love to surf and travel - so pack your bathing suit and grab your board - every week during gen ñ's Summer Crush block of programing, we're hoping around the islands!


Ed IN the City

Edlyn Barrera hosts Ed IN the city, our version of a show on what to do around own - as with all things ñ - our vision is just slightly askew.



A hard hitting documentary series from KIE films. The first episodes chronicle both the challenges of practicing the Santeria religion and the life of Gambino, the son of third generation migrant workers toiling in homestead Florida, as he and his family mourn the loss of his brother in Iraq and he tries to get his rap game off the ground.



What is generation ñ?
What is generation ñ?
ñ Indies

Bro Movie PosterClick here for
the real Latino experience captured in indie films for download and DVD.


Celia the Queen

Read up on
the classic ñ interviews with immortals like Celia Crúz &
Tito Puente

and living legends like Shakira in
the generation ñ magazine archives.


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