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Scenes from the Bubble: The Sky
The Medium is the Movie

It's a wepic (webpic). A web epic, an epic on the web. Let's tell stories in new ways. Read text messages between the characters on Twitter. Let’s use GoogleMaps not just to promote the film but to house the film, let it live on it’s streets, in pop up windows.

Let’s get rid of expositional dialouge. There’s text right next to the video anyway. Do the “Set-up” with text, that way the video can get right into the story. Let the running times go from 3 seconds to 30 minutes. You can watch the status bar. Scrub to the end if you get bored. Let's use the internet as our platform, make it as legit as 35 mm. I shot it on Facebook. We mixed footage from a five thousand dollar HD cam and a hundred dollar flip. This is made for a place where it cuts together. This is a movie made for the way you interact with media on your computer.

Let's break it down into scenes the way they do on Hulu. Let's use real articles and television & radio stories to inform our character's world.

We've got Linear Cognition. Like the grandmasters of chess. The human brain will derive a pattern from random information. That's how Youtube works. What happened before/after this video clip? That's where the fun is.

Scenes from a Map
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Click here to watch youtube embedded content on a google map and follow along with the precise street location of the characters and watch scenes pop out in bubbles on a google map that traces our cast of characters and maps their locations.

What Bubble?

A YouTube powered guide to the bubble in the news.

From 2007 - CBS News on the Central California Real Estate Crash. From 2007 - CBS News on the Central California Real Estate Crash.
Miami Florida Housing Crash. From CBS 4. Miami Florida Housing Crash. From CBS 4.
From July 2006. The Today show on the begging of the burst. From July 2006. The Today show on the begging of the burst.

Money Talks News on the Vultures in 2007.


What Bubble? Barney Frank puts everyone at ease in 2005.


A musical cartoon about the state of the bubble from Jan 2008 by Blimp

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Rich Boy - Rich Boy

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Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band



June 2006 / January 2009

Jorge (René Granado) and Veronica (Ivania Sotomayor) discuss, then argue about flipping a house The opening credits and then Ish confronts Umberto, an associate for whom he's been playing “straw man”- he's paying the price for it now, as he flies home from NYC to a lonely house.
September 2008

Izy (Ivette Sotomayor) gets ready to go tape her show. Izy and Ish talk about the bailout, the bubble, the crash, the whole 9 yards. They're on opposite sides of the fence. (Ivette Sotomayor & Bill Teck).
June 2005

Alex Fuentes (Victor Barroso) wants to expand into the African-American part of town and he wants community leader Rory Charles (Charles Gibson) to sell him his property. Rory Charles (Charles Gibson) makes his play to Alex Fuentes.
October 2008

Ish (Bill Teck) gets ready to meet with the New York money guys. Rory gives him a pep talk. Jorge has convinced Vero to go look at the property. She's starting to come around.
June 2004 / March 2009

Flash Forward/Flash Back - Izy wants to listen to music. Ish doesn't want to wake the baby. They compromise. Plus a glimpse of the present. (headphones would help) Izy has come over to pick up their child. It's been over for a while now.

A movie should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not neccsesarily in that order.
- Jean-Luc Godard

External Story Telling

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a selected list

NPR's the Global Pool of Money

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Biscayne Times - 60,000 units on line but is demand?

NY Times - Freakonomics Quorum: Is It Time to Believe in the Housing Bubble?

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NY Times - As Condos Rise in South Florida, Nervous Investors Try to Flee

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OC Register - Why OC is ground zero of housing mess

MSN Money - Why there is no housing bubble

MSN Money - Housing Maina will end in tears

Duke Remote

Ish's attorney Duke chats via his laptop.

What is generation ñ link