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Shake It Up
Episode #01

With Tomas' water heater
on the fritz, a shower at Carlos & Purita's place turns Novela-esque, Juan keeps Purita's mom at bay and Jack tries to keep the show going while fighting bill collectors.

Mature Content

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About the show

Novela is a web sitcom about life behind the scenes at a fly-by-night telenovela. Follow the Americanized producer Jack, Latin Lover/Leading Man Juan, frustrated writer Carlos, and coming apart at the scenes cameraman Tomas as they roll through the perils of slow budget tv.

Buy music from these episodes

The Spam Allstars - Contra los Robóticos Mutantes - La Vida Continua

La Vida Continua
DJ Le Spam and Spam Allstars

Kelis - Tasty - Milkshake


Desi Arnaz - Babalu - Ah-Bah-Nah, Coo-Bah

Chiu Chiu
Desi Anraz and his Orchestra


Ricky Cruz
René Granado
T.J. Perez-Febles
Sasha-Alexandre Torres

Carmen Perez-Febles

Written by
Bill Teck and Carlos Bello
& Sasha-Alexandre Torres

Associate Producer
Gabriel Mena

Edited by
Bill Teck & René Granado

Directed & Produced by



Que Pasa USA Episode 9
Episode #02 -Carlos is still mad at Juan over the "Dolores Fiasco" (yet to be revealed) - and Purita is still pissed at Carlos, but everything comes to a halt when Tomas announces he's going hetero.
Que Pasa USA Episode 9
Episode #03 -Carlos seeks writing inspiration at a healthfood store, while Juan tries to help "unblock" him, by stealing back his dolls, er... "Action Figures" from Purita.
Que Pasa USA Episode 9
Episode #04 -Tomas & Carlos take their impromptu dates to an art gallery to disastrous results. It's a short one, no Jack or Juan here. Funny as usual though. ¡Chiquito pero Jugeton!
Que Pasa USA Episode 9
Episode #05 -Jack visits a botantica on Juan's Santero's advice. Meanwhile Carlos has Ayahuasca revelations with a priestess and Juan gets a special brand of therapy, in the mini-season cliffhanger.
Que Pasa USA Episode 9
Episode #06 -Juan's in love. Only his crush, Ana, likes Jack. Things turn novela-esque when they stop at the Cheetah Club for a quick drink. Un-oh.
Que Pasa USA Episode 9
Episode #07 -Jack & Juan are still at odds over Ana - and Jack's willing to walk away -it's just that Ana might not let him.
Que Pasa USA Episode 9
Episode #08 -With this tense election behind us, it's time to relax and have a laugh with this novela mini-episodio "couch trip" starring Ricky Cruz & T.J. Perez-Febles.
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